Exterior Visualization

High-quality exterior render is a photorealistic 3D image of an existing or projected property. Here at DEGOrender Studios we will convey every detail accurately and take into account all your wishes and demands.

Who needs Exterior Visualization (EV)?

  • Architects: using our 3D renders of your property exterior plans you can present your project at its fullest grandeur to successfully convince your audience. Finest EV often greatly increase your chances to win tenders too.
  • Property developers: for those of you who are involved in construction development high-quality EV is also of tremendous benefit since it can dramatically boost your returns on advertising. You will see sales go up because your customers will visually understand what they are investing their big bucks into, leading to more closed deals.
No matter what your identity is, Exterior Visualizations of DEGOrender Studios work extremely well because we know what exactly they are for. For instance, if you are preparing for an architectural competition, then we will focus on the atmosphere of your images so that they will stand out and remain in memory of the judging panel for a long time. And if you are engaged in marketing and strive for a stellar performance of your advertising campaigns, then we will use a game of lighting styles and emotions based on your different priorities to get the much-needed high conversion rates.

In what ways does an EV render a win-win for all parties concerned?

We integrate the projected objects into the real environment and breathe life into them: we fill them with people, flora and fauna. No need to imagine anymore: you will see for yourself whether the building you want to build fits into your chosen location or not. Exterior private house rendering from DEGOrender Studios simplifies the work of designers and property developers alike. Their customers can make adjustments until they are completely satisfied with the outcome. This means that everyone will save their time and get what they want in the end, that is:
  • a properly designed and promising project for an architect,
  • a visual plan to work on and finish in time without any violations for a builder,
  • a safe property for a customer which he or she has dreamed of.

What types of visualization does DEGOrender Studios offer?

Let’s imagine that you bought a plot and want to build a property there. We will show how it will look at night and at daytime in any season. You will see a very realistic picture — an accurate image painstakingly created by taking into account every tiny detail like the materials of walls, roofs, windows, and other surfaces.

You can also order a 360-degree panorama, as well as VR tours for websites and presentation stands. They will help your customers get insights into the property from all sides and even enable them to explore inside too.

What are the advantages of an exterior render?

  • Perfect accuracy: realistic images will flawlessly relay every nook and cranny of your exterior design plan.
  • Immense appeal: stunning images are far more convincing than a thousand words can describe. They produce a tremendous effect and do not bore customers like presentations and complex drawings or blueprints.
  • Convenience: a render can be placed on the site or sent by e-mail.
  • Saving time and money: you no longer need to build massive paper model and redo drawings if you need to fix something.
  • All in all, we are completely sure that a render is the most convincing way to present a project.

How we work?

  1. We study the documentation received. If necessary, we request additional information.
  2. We discuss each item of the assignment.
  3. We develop a preliminary draft, upon which we jointly make further changes and adjustments.
  4. We make the final version according to the client’s wishes and demands, and then get it approved.
  5. We convert the finished render into high resolution file(s) with all the effects, glare, lighting, etc.

How to order EV renders? 

Do you want to get high-quality architectural visualization of your project? Simply send your project documentation and contact information to info@degorender.com. You will receive our offer in 24 hours. We estimate every order individually after a thorough look, so you can expect a very favorable price from us.

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