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Here at DEGOrender Studios we create photorealistic renders of home decor and household appliances that can be used for product demonstration, marketing, and video advertising.

Who needs visualization of household goods?

  • Startups, especially at the stage of primary investment. High-quality render of household appliances and other products will showcase the goods' appearance and functions as well as demonstrate why customers need to choose their products instead of what competitors offer on the market.
  • Manufacturers. Renders from DEGOrender Studios based on the drawings and project documentation will help producers to understand whether the chosen design can achieve its goals, if the goods can attract the target audience and sell well. They can make adjustments in accordance with the opinions of control groups and compare the visual appeal of the product against the goods of their key competitors before launching the production process.
  • Online shops. Surveys have confirmed that more than 60% of respondents more often make a purchasing decision if there is 3D visualization made on the product because they can view the product from all sides and validate its characteristics such as weight, material, height, width, depth, purpose, etc.

What are the benefits of 3D rendering in the field of Home Decor & Household Goods?

The importance of a high-quality 3D render cannot be overestimated, because the target audience sees what they get for their money. Visualization allows you to demonstrate household appliances from all sides. This is especially important during the presentation of new products. Almost all POS materials (brochures, booklets, stands, flyers, posters) are created by using renders. The finished 3D model can be placed in any environment using different types of lighting and visual effects to emphasize the advantages of the product. It simplifies the development of promotional materials and helps to make them more attractive.

High-quality visualization will reduce your costs and help you earn more profits because you will spend less time and money on developing prototypes while your customers will immediately resonate with the product, the design of which meets his/her expectations.

How do we work?

  1. We study your source documentation, photos and other materials sent by you. If necessary, we request additional information.
  2. We develop requirement specification of your project.
  3. We approve visualization requirements with you.
  4. We create preliminary models and make necessary adjustments.
  5. We make the final version according to the client’s wishes and demands, and then get it approved.
  6. We convert the finished render into high resolution file(s) with all the effects, glare, lighting, etc.
Do you need Home Decor & Goods visualization? Send your materials together with your contact details to info@degorender.com. We will make you an appealing commercial offer within one day. Save and earn more with quality renders from DEGOrender Studios.
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