Product & Packaging Design

3D visualization for product & packaging design gives much more opportunities than the actual physical model. It is a unique tool that will help you:
  • evaluate your products and their packaging visually from all sides,
  • conduct further research into the packaging design, and
  • understand how potential buyers will perceive the new design of your products by creating a control group.
Just imagine: with the help of our product visualization services you will be able to appreciate the combination of colors, materials, graphic design and, most importantly, the location of the logo and label on your product packaging. If the customer does not like something, the tweaks will take only a few minutes.

Where can the Product & Packaging (P&P) design visualization be used?

The high-quality photorealistic renders for P&P design have a wide range of applications. They are not only in high demand for the P&P design process, but are also commercially viable for your promotion and advertising campaigns.


Four out of five videos broadcasted on television and shown on the Internet use renders to some extent. They help to create a bright, memorable picture as well as tell different stories. Any unorthodox idea of your creative commercial advertisement designers can become a reality with the use of our renders.

POS Materials

3D renders are ideal for presenting a product and the company as a whole at stands, on advertising constructions, on pages of booklets and catalogs. Visualization allows you to choose the perfect view, size, environment, lighting, etc. so that you can effectively stimulate consumer demand.

Web Design

3D render of your P&P design is the way to go when you plan on creating animation too. It is easy to integrate 3D renders into the design of your website. One visualization will replace dozens of costly studio photos, and due to the fact that render parameters are easy to change, it is incredibly advantageous for P&P design refreshments going forward.

What are the benefits of using 3D renders for your P&P design?

Using the original packaging you can easily highlight a promotional or limited product. And if you decide to go with 3D visualization, it is not necessary to start its development from scratch. All that is needed is a slight tweak on an already existing 3D prototype. The benefit here is fully palpable: you order a quality render only once but save time and money for limitless future remakes.

Also, thanks to 3D renders, the number of errors at the stage of packaging production is reduced to zero. But that’s not all. The software allows you to place the render in any environment. For example, you can assess how it will look like on a supermarket shelf, and whether it will be able to attract attention while being close to your nasty competitors’ products.

What do you need to effectively sell your product?

You should entrust you P&P visualization tasks to DEGOrender Studios because we can successfully visualize your packaging graphic design or develop it from scratch for you in little time for a fair price. We are better than our competitors because:
  • We make sure that the customers' ideas and their ultimate goals are correctly reflected throughout the inner workings.
  • We employ effective artistic techniques to deliver photorealistic images where depicted products and their packaging are harmoniously integrated into the existing environment.
  • We establish a special atmosphere around the images by balancing lights and shadows as well as investing time into expressive angles and artistic post-processing.
  • We pride ourselves on timely project execution so that the customers can be confident and capable of meeting their deadlines.
Send your P&P related ideas or projects to our email at Within 24 hours you will receive an offer of good value that you can hardly refuse.
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