A virtual reality tour is an opportunity for your business to increase trust for your upcoming property in the eyes of your prospective customers and to distinguish your project from other competition on the market. It is a great sales prospecting tool that gives your customers a real sense of freedom.

There are several options how to approach VR tours and these options should match your particular needs: from simple solutions, in which only transitions between panoramas are interactive, to complex ones, with a floor plan, special interface with clickable links leading to some sort of information or database. To give a few examples of some simple yet efficient solutions, you can have your prospects see which apartments are available in a multi-storey building or which plots of land are up for sale in a cottage village. On the contrary, a complex VR tour might let the visitor be completely immersed in the scene checking all future spaces as if they are already constructed and assembled.

How to commission DEGOrender Studios to create a one-of-a-kind VR tour for your project?
Simply send your project information (find below) and contact information to info@degorender.com. You will receive our offer in 24 hours. We estimate every order individually after a thorough look, so you can expect a very favorable price from us.

1. 3D Model (Revit, SketchUp, 3DsMax, Rhino, etc.)
2. Camera angles
3. Interior elevations (PDF + DWG)
4. Floor plans (PDF + DWG)
5. Material + Finish Specifications (PDF + JPEG + XLS)
6. Mood board (furniture, fixtures, equipment, artwork, accessories, greenery)
7. View to outside instructions
8. People specs
9. Camera paths and time durations for each one
10. fixed 360-degree camera points' location, if any
11. full specs of VR glasses and hardware to be used for the VR demonstration
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