Cheval Court for
Ralph Lauren Home, London


Cheval Court is an ambitious project to restore a historic 18th century cavalry headquarters into a set of luxury residencies made in the best canons of the traditional English design style under the auspices of Ralph Lauren Home. The five-story 12,000 sq. m building will provide 12 private residences, with a great number of additional common use facilities including a spa, fitness & yoga center, wellness & beauty salon, exclusive members-only bar, library, entertainment salon, reception & banquet room, winter gardens, cigar room and historical room.

Our task was to create the most realistic visualizations of the grand exterior of the building as well as to showcase the unsurpassed quality and elegance of the interior common and private spaces with the ultimate aim of conveying the impeccable planning and engineering solutions, exceptional quality of finishes & materials and sublime design in the best traditions of the fashion designer Ralph Lauren. The visualization of the historical room turned out to be the highlight of our work. Despite the fact that the room is currently under conservation and remains in poor condition, we still managed to reproduce a complete 3D model of the room in its majestic grandeur, including the recreation of all intricate details of stucco moldings, murals and paintings.

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