Coconut Lagoon Restaurant
in Ottawa, ON


The Coconut Lagoon restaurant renderings made by our professional team were part of a second extensive renovation process in the aftermath of a fire on the roof that had left damage to the original structure. Considering the state of the existing building after the incident, there was no choice but to demolish the building and start new.

The restaurant owner wanted to retain the material palette from the original renovation, so we used this as a starting point for the new design. Coconut Lagoon is a modern Indian Restaurant and this is masterfully reflected in the design of the project. The project has been designed with a masonry base upon which sits a volume that has been rotated slightly from the geometry of the base. This provides a focal point for the design and also allows weather cover for the main entrance that has been moved away from the corner.

The interiors have been designed with a simple but rich assortment of materials that create a welcoming and modern dining experience. Dark, moody tones and textures are offset by highlights of brass, which is evident in the feature lighting suspended in the high ceilings above the main dining area.

Now the restaurant patrons are warmly welcome to treat themselves for a most memorable journey through South Indian cuisine and feast on high quality food of inimitable flavor, aroma and originality in the vibrant setting of Coconut Lagoon.


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