Deluxe villa
in Vancouver


The combination of modern architectural planning and the beautiful nature around makes the villa (pictured above) ideal for their proud owners, that is being living proof of their lavish lifestyle. Exquisite façade, panoramic windows, spacious terraces with landscaping and halls reveal the luxury available only for members of the elite. This chic project was created by the distinguished Airey Group, who strive for perfection and grandeur in every detail.

The flat terrain, beautiful landscapes and a wide variety of trees around prompted their architects to create a clear house shape that matches the established scene and is in harmony with the surrounding environment as much as possible, while at the same time creating a remarkable contrast with the organic landscape nearby. The splendor of this easy-going and cozy house was attained thanks to the repeating pattern of the facades and simple geometry together with open-faced windows. The interiors contain publicly accessible functional areas, including the kitchen, dining room and living room, as well as numerous bedrooms on the second floor. Spacious terraces are adjacent to the building and provide comfort to outdoor sit-downs.

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