Heritage West
Boulevard, Vancouver, BC


Stunning visualization of a modern residential area in Vancouver, Canada. The developers managed to embody the spirit of modern times and preserve the city vibe.

The project has received many rave reviews for West Side look preservation and unique architectural art.

The project is a residential area with multi-apartment buildings, each of which has its own personality and features, while all buildings are connected by a single style. Natural shades of gray and terracotta combined with snow-white details create a mood of calm and lightness, being just what you need.

Special attention is paid to details: green spaces, flower beds and paved paths, they seem to flow into one another. This approach will allow future residents to feel secure, while feeling like a part of the community.

It is worth focusing on lighting and recreation areas. The houses will be filled with sunshine. Each property has a spacious terrace or patio where residents can relax or throw a party.

This new area with ancient architecture will preserve and highlight the timeless values.

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