Lexington development in
Los Angeles, USA


The DEGOrender team managed to embody not only the features of the exterior, but also the mood of the hot south, its serenity. The building fits perfectly into the ideal picture of the city and complements the skyline.

The white color of the façade turn you for rest and tranquility; asymmetrical open balconies give some playfulness. This house will be filled with light and great mood.

However, in this airy project, all the trivial matters have been taken into account. The balconies are complemented by wood paneling that scatters the sunrays. The sidewalls of the building attract with small windows, which let in enough light, but protect the residents from the sweltering heat.

This is not just a charming house, it is the stylish structure, in the design of which every detail has been taken into account, from the landscaping of the adjacent territory to the shade of the façade that restrains the summer heat.

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