Modern and attractive
look for downtown Merzig


As a part of the grand scheme of rejuvenating downtown Merzig (Saarland, Germany), we were asked to visualize a large commercial building complex together with the neighboring area in the aerial render. Located on the site of a former brewery, the new development is set to further increase the quality of life in Merzig. The earlier development in this very location was the opening of the BARMER office in 2016. Building on this, the rest of the area is now being actively developed. The new building complex is being created directly next to the BARMER building.

The new building’s ground floor is to offer a variety of retail outlets including cosmetics, healthcare products and many other drugstore products in the immediate vicinity of the city center. The aim is also to set up another restaurant here, an offer that has been missing in the immediate vicinity since the traditional Merll Rieff business got discontinued. On the next three floors, high-quality office space is to be created that will meet high office space standards. In addition, the top floor, which is slightly recessed back, is to be offered for residential space.

The upcoming complex will also have an underground car park and additional parking spaces will be available for shopping in front of and behind the proposed drugstore. Pedestrians were also taken into account when designing the area as the existing arcade of the BARMER building will be continued to allow them pass the area with dry feet even in poor weather conditions.

The redesign of the area is to begin after Easter. During the first step, the entire market hall and three buildings in Schankstrasse will be demolished. Only the tower, which currently houses several medical practices and an optician, will remain. Completion is expected to take place in 2022.

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