New 12-storey living
apartment building in Brossard


It was truly a rewarding experience to work with our Montreal-based partner on visualizing private and common spaces of a future-to-be modern residential complex in Brossard, a municipality within the Greater Montreal area.

This futuristic building is dominated by gray and white tones with balconies forming diagonal lines. The symmetry of the details organically complements the accentuated asymmetry of the building itself; it attracts the eyes by its harmonious design embodied by a subtle fusion of the urban architecture and the abundant presence of wood and greenery.

The private interiors are finished in natural tones of varying degrees of saturation: from sandy shades to dark wood.

This condominium project has a lot to offer to its future residents and we enjoyed visualizing its key facilities – urban agriculture garden, pool and pool patio, multifunctional rooms and gym, etc.

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