New luxurious sushi-forward
spot in Houston, TX


Our frequent customer headquartered in Houston, TX was commissioned to design the interior of Katami, a new sushi-forward restaurant located in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston at 2701 W Dallas, which will be part of a larger luxury Post Oak Hotel development. Our team at DEGO was fortunate to produce the interior renderings of the future 10,000 SF restaurant. The new establishment is scheduled to open this spring.

Katami translates to “gift” or “keepsake” in Japanese, and the restaurant will no doubt be looked at in just such a way by Houston diners. The interior spaces are broken into distinctive dining areas, and the juxtaposition of rustic and modern materials remains apparent in the tumbled brick and industrial-style steel elements. The designed modern space will also feature a bar and lounge, which allows Katami to offer a more expansive beverage program thanks to additional space.


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