The enclave at Providence
Center in Nashville, TN


This time we were asked to complete a splendid detailed visualization of an upcoming residential area in Nashville (Tennessee, USA). The project focuses not only on the architectural features, but also on the beauty of nature, since the houses will be located in a heavenly place, on Mount Juliet.

The project can be characterized as a low-rise residential development. These buildings will house 300 apartments. Each tenant will be provided with a ground parking space and covered garages will also be ensured. Each element of the project was visualized by the DEGOrender team and executed spotlessly.

The very heart of the neighborhood will be an amenities facility that will accommodate a fitness club, swimming pool, and cozy recreation areas. Every detail of the project was created to serve its future residents, spreading the most comfortable vibes around.

Particular attention is to be paid to the preservation of nature and the idea of unity with it. Low-rise houses will not obstruct the views of local area and leave the sky and the horizon line visible. So, you can rest assured that you will feel relaxed and calm in this neighborhood. The site’s landscaping features blend harmoniously into the forest, which begins literally at the windows of the very last building; therefore, the landscape design will be its continuation.

The façade decoration also emphasizes the communion with nature. Each element — natural shades, distinct lines and open balconies — is recreated by the DEGOrender team on visualization, so that one glance at the project is enough to understand: it is a comfortable place.

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